Monetize Every Like, Comment, And Post

Revolutionary social platform where bloggers and their followers earn together

For bloggers

When your followers like or comment on your posts, you earn daily token rewards

For crypto enthusiasts

Comment and like every day! Every action you make is monetized

What Others Earn Here

Earned by users and bloggers last month1M+ SUB≈ $10,234
Earned by top users on a single post1000+ SUB≈ $11 per post
Check out the statistics of how others earn on our platform:See Live Stats

How To Start Earning?

Watch the short video guide
Join today and get up to 4x more rewards from every like and post you doStart Earning

On Grill you earn in SUB tokens that are convertible and transferable

How To Earn Tokens On The Platform

Earn on:
Every like on your postEvery like on your commentWhen you like posts and comments of other creatorsWhen comments under your post receive likes - you receive a percentage of the reward for that like

How Does It Work?

Stake SUB

Every user who stakes at least 2000 SUB can monetize their social activity

Like to Earn

When you like someone’s content, you earn extra rewards in SUB tokens

Post to Earn

When someone likes your post or comment, you receive a reward

Even More!

When someone likes a comment under your post, you and the comment’s author both receive a reward in the ratio of 30% to 70%

Early-Bird Benefits

The earlier you join, the lower the competition

Your content will be much more visible and attract more attention

Currently, the platform offers increased rewards for every action you take

Grow Your Community Through The Grill Audience & Monetize Existing Ones

You start earning from the first post and the first like
You don’t need thousands of subscribers or 5 million views
Possible rewards per post≈ 1000 SUB≈ $10.45
Possible rewards per comment≈ 100 SUB≈ $1.34
The easiest way in the market to monetize your blogging is on GrillOther social media do not give effective monetization of your audience’s engagement, but we do! Invite them to interact with your content on Grill, and get rewards for each like!
Join today and get up to 4x more rewards from every like and post you doStart Earning

SUB Token Is Available On

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What Our Community Says About Grill


Awesome...i just joined the platform and im loving the energy here. What a great time!😎👌


I already have 3 friends that I brought here because they asked me things that they can now read and learn for themselves. For me the best is undoubtedly the information that can be found here in an easy way if advertising at the moment and without distractions for me that is what has the most value.


PV is an excellent app to creators and to regular readers. Creators can monetize (after staking some SUB) their work forever with the reward split feature and readers can earn from their engagement on the platforms as each like of them can bring infinite rewards all this in a Decentralized manner. 👈 Is an argument that I can use to explain others how good and powerful the PV can be


So glad to be a part of such a cool community! Subsocial grows and develops 🚀 Between December 22 to January 22 Subsocial have had an over 25% growth in engagement 💪🏻 The team conducted 8 contests and giveaways and rewarded 35 Subbers with 47,500 SUB 🔥 Over 10 Subbers have also earned up to 7,000 SUB for simply engaging in discussions and giving valuable feedback 😍. It's incredible, but further - more!

Wavin Good

A huge shoutout to you and the rest of the team for all your commitment to users feedback, ser. This kind of community engagement is what makes polkaverse so special.

Dog Street

I earned 668 SUB yesterday on Subsocial! Being a part of The Creator Economy is great!

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