Content Staking
Content Staking allows SUB token holders to earn SUB by actively engaging with good content on the network. How does it work?
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To start earning from Content Staking, you need to login first:
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How does it work?
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What is Content Staking?
Content Staking allows creators to earn rewards for producing content on Subsocial, and rewards users for curating and interacting with their favorite pieces of content.

The system aims to grow the user and content base of Subsocial through incentives.
Why should I lock my tokens?
Locking at least 2,000 SUB will allow you to like posts, support your favorite creators, and earn even more SUB!
How can I increase my rewards?
To maximize your rewards, make sure to like at least 10 posts per day. The more SUB you lock, the more rewards you will get.

You can also earn rewards by creating good posts, comments, and shares that other users like.
When will I receive my rewards?
Rewards are distributed every Monday for the previous week.
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