What happened in July: Winning a Slot on Polkadot, Integrating with Karura & Much More

The heat wave wasn’t the only thing raising the temperature at Integritee this July! Our team had its hands full completing integrations with other projects, running a crowdloan campaign for a slot on Polkadot — and succeeding! — and preparing juicy articles to help everyone understand the world of blockchain. Read through and check all that happened last month at Integritee!

The start of something great: Getting a parachain on Polkadot

First and foremost, we want to share that Integritee is the winner of the 24th Polkadot slot at the 23rd parachain auction! In order to do so, we started a crowdloan campaign to promote our community’s participation. Thanks to the contributions of 1,215 people who pitched more than 100,000 DOT, we were able to secure a parachain on Polkadot for the lease periods 9–16. Partnering with Bifrost was also key for this crowdloan. Bifrost cooperated with us to help our crowdloan participants access liquid derivatives of staked DOT. We also promoted a community contest spread across our social media platforms and rewarded the winners with TEER. We want to thank everyone who supported us and helped us achieve this.

This is yet another milestone for Integritee, as it offers us more space and tools to break new grounds and grow. Securing a parachain on Polkadot has always been part of our roadmap, and an important way to reach one of our goals: to become a multi-environment network using the same token, TEER. Highly stable and production-ready, this ecosystem is the perfect place to spread our wings — even more.

Integrating with Karura: An XCM Affair

In June, we completed our first XCM integration, with Moonbeam. This month, we celebrate yet another one, this time with Karura. TEER is now live on this Kusama project and will be live on KaruraSwap very soon. XCM integrations are essential for the development and growth of projects on Polkadot and of the ecosystem itself. To better understand what they mean and how they work, read our article on it.

Rising to the Top

Integritee was 1 of the 10 startups chosen to present at the Unicorn Startup Picthes Switzerland. On the 26th, our Head of Business Development, Janis von Zimmerman, presented a pitch. You can watch it here (45:26m).

Integritee has been selected as one of the Top 50 startups at the World Festival 2022 Startups Awards! There were hundreds of companies from all over the world running. Being in the top 50 gives us a chance to present a pitch and show everyone what our team is all about, and have a virtual expo booth where participants will get additional info about the project. Being part of the World Festival 2022 is a great experience that furthers our position and enables us to showcase our work.

Web 2.0 and Web 3: Learn all about it

Do you know the main differences between web 2.0 and web3? Do you know what a stationary environment means and how is it different from an interactive one? We crafted an article that answers these questions and explains how blockchain technology can revolutionize the connections between people.

Stay Tuned

We foresee a busy August since there’s a lot to do now that we have our own slot on Polkadot. From tech development to creative work, there are quite some things in the works on this side.

We are looking for new members to join Integritee, so check our LinkedIn for current job openings or apply to our Ambassador program. We want you!

Remember to follow us on LinkedIn for all our business news and industry insights. For technical updates and token news, watch our Twitter and Telegram channels. And of course, we’ll keep you posted right here on Medium with regular updates.

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Integritee harnesses the speed and confidentiality of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) as well as the transparency and trust of public blockchains to create the fastest, most scalable Web3 protocol for securely processing sensitive data.

Integritee enables developers and firms to unchain the value of sensitive data. By combining the trust of Polkadot with the confidentiality and speed of enterprise-grade hardware, it will power a new generation of data-driven dApps and services.


Integritee enables developers and firms to unchain the value of sensitive data. By combining the trust of Polkadot... Show More