Bounty Proposal: tutorials

Bounty Proposal: Tutorials

  • Proponent: Bruno Škvorc (CpjsLDC1JFyrhm3ftC9Gs4QoyrkHKhZKtK7YqGTRFtTafgp)
  • Date: 12.10.2020
  • Requested allocation: 100 KSM
  • Proposed Curator reward: 10%
  • Proposed Curator: Bruno Škvorc (CpjsLDC1JFyrhm3ftC9Gs4QoyrkHKhZKtK7YqGTRFtTafgp)
  • Short description: Funding the process of producing new tutorials and educational materials for Web2 developers to transition into Web3 with Substrate and chains built on top of it.

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This bounty would fund editorial work and content-creation on the platform and was previously discussed as one of the first use cases for the new Bounties functionality.

Problem Statement

In the context of Web3 from the Polkadot angle, there are many educational resources out there focusing on Substrate and low-level chain development. While this is useful and well documented, I believe that we are ignoring a significant and incredibly valuable part of the developer populace: the web developers, and Ethereum developers. This is especially concerning when we consider the initial number of parachain slots to be opened up - very few builders will actually get to deploy exactly what they want (a parachain).

In essence, I see three levels of users on the path to mass adoption of Substrate-based chains, each depending on the success of the previous:

  • Level 0: Protocol and chain developers
  • Level 1: UX, smart contract, and web developers
  • Level 2: Civilians

We cannot go to Level 2 and achieve mass adoption if all our efforts are focused on Level 0.

Additionally, almost all current UI/UX materials focus on ReactJS which I believe is not only overrepresented to the point of a monopoly, but also unnecessarily bloated and slow. It is also manufactured by a comically evil megacorporation which I do not wish to support.

Solution is an educational website with tutorials focusing on developer experience (DX) in the transition from Web2 to Web3 through materials specifically developed to target non-ReactJS tech stacks and to be newbie friendly with little to no prior knowledge.

Specifically, wants to cater to Level 1, including but not limited to:

  • Web2 developers and web developers on other blockchains
  • Smart contract developers in the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Builders of chain consumers (tools that interact with chains in some way other than web UIs)

An initial set of tutorials has been published and are currently being updated.

This bounty seeks to incentivize participation of third parties in contributing tutorials to the website. In this first round, the guest authors would be paid ~5 KSM per tutorial, depending on the topic, complexity, and editorial work required. The curator would thoroughly edit, code-test, and collaborate on any submitted articles, hence the 10% fee, given that (the website) is not a W3F project and happens on the curator's own time.

Plan and Result

The curator's plan is as follows:

  • publish a set of issues describing desired topics that need to be covered.
  • publish an open-ended issue for guest authors to suggest their own topics.
  • approve, edit, and collaborate on articles with all guest authors.
  • before the bounty allocation is completely spent, build a Gitcoin-like Github bot which connects Kusama bounties to Github issues.

The planned end result after the estimated duration of 2-3 months is:

  • at least 10 new high-quality low-prerequisite tutorials
  • at least 5 new explainer posts and/or videos
  • all tutorials up to date and using latest versions of their tech stack
  • a Gitcoin-like Github bot for Kusama Bounty integration
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