Statescan delivery by OpenSquare

As we know that Statemine is the first parachain of Kusama, serveral teams have created assets on it. To help community better view asset lifecycle, asset transfers, teleports and some statistics, OpenSquare developed Statescan with the fund from Kusama treasury. Now we are very happly to announce the 1st delivery.

Main features

Asset detail

Asset info is the most important part on Statescan. We can check the basic info, together with the transfers, holders, statistics and the asset timeline. Please check here for an example asset.

We suggest the timeline tab for community to better understand how asset on Statemine works. Usually the asset owner have to create, set metadata, mint before doing transfers and other business.

Teleport records

KSM is the gas token for Statemine, so we have to teleport some KSMs before we call extrinsics while of course we can teleport the KSM back from Statemine to Kusama. The history records are important for users, and just click here to check the history teleport records.

A problem is that currently we didn't scan the corresponding teleport in Kusama so we can't give the kusama settled height when we teleport KSM from Statemine to Kusama, but will implement it in the future.

Account detail

Account detail is very important in most explorers. Currently on Statescan account detail page you can see:

  • Account basic info like identity, native token(KSM) status and nonce
  • Accont assets holdings
  • Transfers including both KSM and created assets
  • Account signed extrinsics
  • Account related teleport records

Other features

Statescan include features most explorers have:

  • Home page with the latest blocks, transfers, popular assets and a search box you can search asset, address, etc.
  • Block, extrinsic and event list page.
  • Block, extrinsic and event detail page.
  • Accounts and transfers list page.
  • Asset list page.

Future plans

Currently there are seems no official assets announced and the transfers are not active, but let's track the status and keep improving it. Some improvement points are:

  • Better filter for extrinsics/events/assets.
  • Better analytics for asset.
  • Better teleport analysis and maybe other XCM messages.

About OpenSquare

OpenSquare is dedicated to facilitate the collaboration between projects and developers. Recently we develop public goods for polkadot ecosystem, and will make more efforts to introduce more developers to this amazing ecosystem development. OpenSquare would like to be a joint of the collaborations.

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OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation platform in Polkadot ecosystem

OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation building platform in Polkadot ecosystem


OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation building platform in Polkadot ecosystem