Trait System In Evrloot

How is Evrloot Implementing Traits?

By Seppy Baal

A trait is anything that the rules of a role-playing game use to describe a character, creature, item, or anything else in the game world.

We believe in a system that will respect a wide range of our supporters. A system of traits that is easy enough for newcomers in RMRK or NFTs to understand but in the meantime complex enough for min/maxers and hardcore fans to actively seek for value or rarity for the long run. In this article, we won't provide information about our stats system yet, as we want our community to explore, speculate and do calculations on our NFTs (soul, items, backgrounds, traits, resources).

Traits are metadata on your Soul that stay with it forever. The NFT comes with additional information, giving each soul a more unique feel.

Example? Your soul has a backstory in the old world. He or she has a talent there (e.g. Fisherman, Scribe, etc.) that will make every soul special and also have a small impact in the game.

Some of the Metadata also have a relation to visual effects. Example? Origin will decide something visually. What this is, you will have to find out. There is also class-specific metadata. Only a Ranger can have a Spirit Animal (e.g. Hawk), while Berserkers have Roles in the War Party (e.g. "Drummer").

After searching and creating hundreds of values that could fit in our game and story, we have decided to implement a decent number for our Souls, to make them Unique.

The image above is how each Soul will look in Singular. As you can see, excluding Soul Class, there are 4 different Traits applied. All the different options that a trait can have, are called Values with each one being included in a rarity bracket.

  • Personality

  • Talent

  • Origin

  • Class specific - In our example, the Class specific Trait is called “Spirit Animal” for Rangers.

Lets see our 4 traits and their respective values one by one.

Personality Trait

Personality Trait as the name suggests are those that give a sense of what habits a Soul can have. Each one of the values, gives bonuses to their respective stats and have tiers of rarity. “Generous” is obviously the hardest to get.

(What is WTF?? Let us know what you think in our Discord, it will play an important role in our game.)

Talent Trait

Talent trait gives a deep background of your Soul. What was his talent before entering Trakan? Does this talent play a role in our Lore?

Class Specific Trait

Each class will have a specific Trait that adds more depth and specialization to the Souls.


Trait: Specialty

Alchemists are given several unique values that can be helpful during battles and missions like crafting Potions and Explosives.


Trait: Role

Usually, in the first line of the battle, a Role is assigned to each Berserker. Scouts are separated from the group, quick and smart, watching enemy’s moves and reporting to the leader. Rally Criers are boosting the morale of the party with shouts while spreading fear among enemies.


Trait: Spirit Animal

Ranger’s Spirit Animal, as a companion, plays an important role to finish difficult missions and the value varies from Leopard to Wolf and Ape.

Origin Trait

Origins represent the corresponding areas that each Soul is born and raised. Highlighted in blue are the Capital cities. As you can see below, Alchemist’s capital city is Hearth located in Desert, Ranger’s is Ashaan (Forest) and Berserker’s is Bruun (Tundra).

Origins and Terrains are directly connected and will have an impact on the success rate of missions. As for fabled Souls, they have a unique value and their terrain will have additional bonuses in the future.


If you think that Traits are just “words” in the NFT description, you are mistaken! Every equippable Soul and its Traits have a story behind it. Evrloot team will make sure that each one of nearly 1000 Souls will have a unique description!

We have an example for you below: (Bold words= Traits)

Yessi Letloose (unique name) is a Ranger (class) that was born in Tolhom Bay(class-specific), a settlement built up on a cliff overlooking an inlet on the western coast of Felhoma. It is said that the view of the sunset is enough to make anyone fall in love with this place. Those that know her would say that she is very Determined,(Personality Trait) and can’t be dissuaded from doing something she's set her mind to do. As a Ranger spending much of her time in nature, Yessi has grown an affinity for Wolves(Spirit animal) over the years and has been known to take one with her as a companion on difficult missions. When she's not out adventuring, Yessi is actually a Talented Historian. (Talent Trait).


In this article, we went through Evrloot’s Trait and Value system. Which traits exactly are we going to have in our game, how they will be viewed in the RMRK marketplace as metadata and what exactly the description of Souls will look like.

Very soon, our community will get the chance to explore all the crazy combinations that an Evrloot character can provide, from class Names to Talents and Origins.

So, are you going to be a Drummer Berserker from the Barrens or a Gambler Alchemist from the Light Pit specialized in Will Potions? Let us find out soon!

Evrloot team is excited for the Souls reveal in next days and we want to let you know that despite the market conditions, we are keeping the same pace from day one!

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Dive into dense, dark lore. Get your character. Find epic loot on missions and discover the secrets of Estra.

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Dive into dense, dark lore. Get your character. Find epic loot on missions and discover the secrets of Estra.