NEXT-GEN NFTS UNITE: Unique Network Partners with Community-Focused Marketplace, Vernissage

In line with Unique’s ethos, Vernissage is a platform built for the next NFT boom, and not just the present.

On the heels of our long-awaited Quartz crowdloan campaign launch, we’re excited to share yet another next-generation NFT partnership announcement with a platform whose Unique-powered technology flexes the power and potential of our own. Vernissage isn’t just another “NFT art gallery” in the sea of seemingly endless marketplaces. As a community-focused platform, their team prioritizes authentic human interactions and the transformative power of art over mere transactions and base-level NFT infrastructure. In line with Unique’s ethos, Vernissage is a platform built for the next NFT boom and not just the present!

We’re not blockchain developers, but we understood that Polkadot should be our solution,” said Vernissage co-founder Richard Zalan. “You need to talk to Alex [Mitrovich], a friend told me,” Richard continued. “I remember the first conversation well. Both of us immediately realized what I was looking for—and that Unique Network was already working on it. We felt an immediate connection.

Vernissage was immediately attracted to the power of our NFT tools and advanced features, such as our marketplace and wallet customization tools, low transaction fees, sustainability, and our focus on scalability. Our respective developers also shared early alignment on working together to achieve a collective mission of simplifying access and entry into NFTs and blockchain, making it as frictionless and flexible as possible for newcomers to enter the space.

Vernissage's mission in art and blockchain aligns perfectly with Unique's NFT technology that helps democratize this space so developers and artists from different skill sets and backgrounds can become a part of the next generation,” said Unique Network CEO, Alexander Mitrovich, of the partnership. “Combining our collective experience across art, design, and blockchain development will help fuel creativity and innovative communication for anyone looking for something more efficient, and engaging, and easy to use.

Vernissage’s goal of creating stronger, more inclusive connections in the art community and offering creators and consumers a one-stop shop for discussion and discovery was another catalyst for our partnership. As a solution for the crowded competing community platforms across Web2 and Web3, Vernissage wants to eliminate any sort of gatekeeping and bond otherwise disconnected art communities through multilingual discussion and diverse discovery that will break barriers across art and blockchain. In doing so, Vernissage plans to start a DAO and deploy other community initiatives that prioritize inclusivity of members from different backgrounds.

Unique and Vernissage share a vision to bring best-in-class curation, infrastructure, and creativity to the NFT industry. We’re thrilled to be working alongside Vernissage’s founders, including blockchain and art world veterans like Richard Zalan (Co-founder, Planet Blockchain), seasoned interior design and architecture educator Imad Hanna, and blockchain-based startup advisor and professor Tatiana Zalan.

Through working alongside Vernissage’s founders and advisory board, who consist of some of the industry’s top minds across blockchain, startups, and traditional art and design, we’re confident that we will achieve our mission of bringing next-generation NFTs to the masses.

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