October updates

We are happy to announce we are close to delivering an alpha version of a functional website for the society, with bidding, candidate voting and a member explorer embedded in a 3d canary! :)

You can already interact with the website here, though features are still very limited.

This is a part of Motion #186. Last year, this motion was approved and received funds from the treasury to further develop the society.

We are a team of brazilian ambassadors and society members working together to deliver the branding and website part of Motion #186. We already finished the branding phase and we are close to deliver an alpha version of the website (you can see all prior updates on our last post)

Lately we've been working on optimizing the 3d canary performance and implementing the missing features. You can follow both the 3d canary component reposity and the website repository on GitHub.

Last, but not least, another brazilian ambassador is working to change the society pallet so everyone can vote on suspended candidates/members, not only the founder. This is a good thing to have before opening the society for new members. You can check the pull request here.

We want to create opportunities for anyone that wants to contribuite:

  • For designers and graphic artists: The Brand Book is already available here. Furthermore, In the next few weeks we intend to deliver a lighter version of the Brand Book, hosted on IPFS and packed with the underlying assets so anyone can experiment (feel free to obliterate the society brand; we are expecting chaos)
  • For developers: We have a couple of simple issues on GitHub open to anynone that wants to contribuite to the website.
  • For anyone else: Comment below what kind of feature you want to see on the website in the future, or any general idea of what you want the society to look like in the future.
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Posts, updates & other resources from Kappa Sigma Mu: The human blockchain experiment.


Posts, updates & other resources from Kappa Sigma Mu: The human blockchain experiment.