PoCoCo's January review for the SORA ecosystem

The SORA ecosystem teams started the year with a bang and delivered a lot of exciting milestones, while working hard on future deliverables.

In this overview you find a summary of the work by

Polkaswap Community Collective SORA Polkaswap Fearless Wallet Ceres UMI Digital NOIR

Polkaswap Community Collective

We ended 2021 with the first edition of a PoCoCo Twitter Space. We were honored to host Bruno from RMRK, Makoto from SORA and Alex & Yung Beef from Subsocial to talk about the Life of the individual in the interoperable future. You can listen to the recording right here.

Furthermore we had a great chat with builders on SORA. Team Ceres and NOIR looked back at their year 2021 and excited us with their plans for the upcoming months.

Last week we had the honor of having Kenny of Manta network & Calamari network, and Christine of Kilt who elaborated on the challenges we face and their solutions to Digital Identity and Privacy in the interoperable future. The recording will be shared on youtube shortly, in the meanwhile you can temporarily listen on our Twitter page right here.

SORA’s Crowdloan to gather the funds to win a Kusama parachain slot is now live on Fearless Wallet and other platforms. You can read some highlights on why @benolibre of @PSWAPcommunity contributed to support SORA in winning a slot in this thread.

A great thread by @medusora shed some light on vested rewards on Polkaswap. Re-read it here.

At the beginning of January we shared our new years resolutions, which you can re-read here. In line with this, we have been working in the background on some very exciting things. We strive to share these over the next few months. DM us if you like to contribute in any possible way.


Team SORA started by looking back at their achievements in 2021. You can read all about it in this article.

The most anticipated event was the launch of SORA’s crowdloan to participate in the Kusama parachain auctions. Currently SORA is in the lead and on its way to win the 24th parachain auction. Read more about SORA’s strategy and rewards in this article.

Furthermore, SORA member @catswithouthats wrote a great piece on @hackernoon about SORA’s Decentralized development process.

SORA’s Driving force @M4K0t0 was a guest on multiple discussion panels. Besides talking on our own PoCoCo Twitter Space, he shared a space on @PolkaHaus with Nikolay from @gear_techs. Listen to that recording right here. SORA was one of the main sponsors of @globalblockchainbusinesscouncil Blockchain central Davos which you can listen to right here. Makoto talked about the future of money, from CBDC to algorithmic stablecoin.

Another highly anticipated milestone was the release of the vesting of the remaining VAL rewards for XOR ERC-20 holders’ airdrop. More transactions on the @sora network will release VAL faster.

The new SORA app is released, with built-in Polkaswap features. This is just the start, many more features will be added over time. You can download the Android version on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.soramitsu.sora&hl=en_US&gl=US


Also for Polkaswap January was a month where many new features were released for the community to be used.

Firstly, Moonpay was added as a service provider to buy Crypto with fiat without having to go through a custodial identity. Read all about the integration in this article.

Moreover, a community referendum approved the release of the upgrade to SORA 1.3. Liquidity providers can now see their total vested PSWAP rewards and start claiming according to the burn speed, all on @polkaswap. More and higher volume transactions on @Polkaswap will release PSWAP faster.

As mentioned, the latest version of SORA wallet for Android now has Polkaswap integration. The iOS app follows soon, as well as more token and features. Read more in this update.

Fearless Wallet

Team Fearless Wallet kicked off the year strong. Right after the new year celebrations Fearless Wallet 2.0 was released. With this new release, Fearless Wallet is now a multi-asset/chain wallet that enables the Polkadot and Kusama community to manage their parachain assets simply and securely in one place. Download Fearless Wallet 2.0 here! Read more about this release and the plans for the future in this article.

Later in January, the networks of @moonriver, @moonbeam and @shiden were added.


Ceres started the year by looking back at 2021 and elaborating on their plans for this year. You can read all about it here.

We had the honor to listen to Filip and Marko elaborate further on their 2022 in our PoCoCo Twitter Space.

Furthermore, we are grateful to see Ceres contribute to the rewards pool for the SORA crowdloan. The first 5000 contributions receive 2 DEO per KSM, a valuable bonus explained here.

The Ceres tools app has been updated for both Android and iOS users. Download it now here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.cerestoken.tools https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/ceres-tools/id1590032285

Last but not least: The new dApps page with Liquidity locker is now live and it looks amazing. Have a look at https://dapps.cerestoken.io/

UMI Digital

UMI always has a strong focus on its community. They started the year with a meme contest. We laughed hard with some of the submissions, which you can see in the Telegram chat.

Furthermore, we know they are working hard on the launch of their NFT DeFi dApp on SORA.


Noir, The world’s first phygital wine brand, setting new standards for collectible luxury wine trading, also knows a fantastic start of 2022.

The founders elaborated on their story and future plans in our Twitter Space at the beginning of the month. What we love about Noir, besides the quality of the beverage, is that they keep innovating and surprising. To show their love for the SORA crowdloan contributors, they just announced they are giving a limited edition NFT to the 7 top contributors of the crowdloan. You can find the collection on @RMRK’s Singular

The limited edition sparkling rosé wine will be ready to be claimed soon.

Polkadot & Kusama news

Last but not least, we like to congratulate all January parachain slot winners and applaud their communities: On @Kusamanetwork: @integritee, @litentry and @darwinia On @polkadot: @centrifuge @composable

Gavin Wood also tweeted that “XCM-over-bridges PR is nearly ready”.

Are you ready for Substrate Summer?

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