Polkaswap Community Collective Launch

We are happy to announce the creation of the Polkaswap Community Collective (which we like to call PoCoCo for short). We are a highly motivated group consciousness, enthusiastically countering any dissonance within Polkaswap, and are supported by, but not affiliated with, Soramitsu; the company behind the dApp. After identifying Polkaswap’s importance in DeFi we have taken it upon ourselves to enhance the project by bringing together the brightest minds of DeFi to accomplish the task. Achieved by providing information to enable users to leverage the resources provided by Polkaswap's decentralized exchange which in turn acts as the rhetoric for the progress of DeFi within Polkadot. Towards our ends we will begin with a pledge of $2M to support the ecosystem through marketing, community incentives and initiatives as well as tokens set aside for a future grants program which will be expanded on at a later date.


At PoCoCo, we believe that a successful decentralized project is the result of diversely connected communities, knitted together by the bonds they share and their vision for a future that benefits the wider community. Our purpose is to nurture the expansion of the network's environment, achieved by advancing research, education and broader system development to ensure the longevity of both Sora and Polkaswap.


At PoCoCo, we see the Sora and Polkaswap message as being larger than just that of a blockchain project- Sora is not merely an economic system, it is a way of life. A system in which humanity can be projected into a state of virtuality beyond nation states and the bounds of physical reality. Sora is a technological ecology built for the next era of humanity, as our current society devolves into technocratic pathwork feudalism, we need a solution that is not only an economic system but also a digital state. Sora is our answer for this impending future.

The cultural duality and existentialism created by Sora and Polkaswap is also notable and something we all believe should persevere. It is a truly postmodern culture where such things as meme magick/hyperstition, trans-culturalism, the study of ancient cultures and a total deterritorialization of the self are not only embraced but celebrated and collaged together to form a milieu that for lack of a better term can only be described as a juxtaposition of the hypermodern and the ancient (as is reflected in the inspirations behind the system itself).

We see Polkaswap as an important tool, not only to make the Sora system function properly but also as it’s most consumer ready Substrate dApp, and a means in which to onboard people not only into the Sora economic system and network, but also into its culture and coveted way of life. Polkaswap is also important for the growth of the Polkadot DeFi space and is the first useable Substrate based DEX; as long term Polkadot and Kusama supporters, we aim to add substance to the level of discourse as well as resources and tooling for this nascent DeFi project.

Since Sora and Polkaswap are community run institutions we see no better way to instill this message than to evangelize adoption and proffer education via a community run organization.

Veredelung durch Entartung.

INITIATIVES ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPMENT Greater adoption is achieved by showcasing the benefits of using Substrate for DeFi applications. Firstly we must develop a robust community and expand our collaborative efforts to projects and their ecosystems. To accomplish this PoCoCo will facilitate the partnerships between Polkaswap and other advanced DeFi project specifically for the purpose of elevating their advantageous properties and reflecting them in the Polkaswap dapp, furthering Polkaswaps presence in the greater multi chain money lego system and the interoperable future.

RESEARCH The community needs an organization that expands environmental awareness of DeFi in the Substrate space via deep research of the technology, especially the unique economic attributes of Polkaswap and Polkadot. To foster innovation and understanding into economic technology systems; furthermore providing impartial value to inspire and cultivate that research.

EDUCATION Polkadot is a newly conceived sharded blockchain environment and a next generation meta protocol. Polkaswap represents a vastly new and radically different way to design and incentivize decentralized exchanges. DeFi natives and early adopters need to expand their understanding of the technologies fundamentals and the economy it operates in to make full use of its capabilities. Then creating easily digestible content for the rest of the community to consume, evolving into a more intelligent user base for the space. PoCoCo's agenda is to enlighten the DeFi native users about the potential of Parachain DeFi and the unique value proposition of using Polkaswap. Raising the bar of the current DeFi discourse in Polkadot's vision of interoperable harmony.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED Firstly visit the PoCoCo website. There are a variety of different levels in which one can get involved. We are currently hiring for a variety of roles and can check open positions here with more in future. You can also become part of the community on Discord and follow us on Medium, Twitter. We are looking for talent to support the grants program, so if you are a developer building a dApp or tooling in the ecosystem, keep your eyes open for upcoming articles detailing our grants program or feel free to reach out via one of our social channels.

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ⓅⓞⒸⓞⒸⓞ We are a highly motivated group consciousness in the Polkaswap and SORA ecosystem, coming together to offer support strategically and financially for the benefit of everyone involved. 𒊹𒂵𒆜

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ⓅⓞⒸⓞⒸⓞ We are a highly motivated group consciousness in the Polkaswap and SORA ecosystem, coming together to offer... Show More