Skybreach Land Sale Move

We are sorry to announce that we will be pushing the Skybreach Land Sale. The new dates are TBA, but we intend to launch it before the end of Q2.

Since the original announcement of land sales, the interest and engagement from the community has really blown us away. Many ideas - some too good to ignore and pass up - were put forward by our community. Consequently, we need more time to incorporate these ideas.

Coupled with the onboarding of new developers, and basic risk mitigation through repeated play testing, and giving ambassadors enough time to "break" the platform and find bugs forces us to postpone the land sale to ensure it is a smooth experience for everyone.

Additionally, aligning with our quest to continue to offer value for our community, we developed a background land discount system. Adding this feature dramatically increased the complexity of the land sale process, so to prevent this from disrupting the user-experience, we will be rolling out a new approach to allow background owners a method to apply a discount once-per-background and we need to provide these community members with enough time to apply the discount before land sales commence.

The land vouchers still have to be used by 31st May, and any unused vouchers WILL expire after this date. When you use (i.e., burn) your voucher, you receive a credit on your MOVR account and this credit will NOT expire regardless of when the land sale begins. The UI to check your whitelist status will be out in the next 7-10 days.

Thank you all for your continued patience and faith - we know you know we only want what's best for everyone, and keeping the reasons transparent is a big part of RMRK's mission and MO.

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