Singular Artist Spotlight #23 - SFY <3 Singular

Before getting into the meat of today’s interview, we would first like to formally announce that the RMRK Artist Spotlight (RAS) has become Singular Artist Spotlight (SAS), to reflect the fact that this interview series is focused specifically on artists minting on the Singular platform. With that out of the way, let’s get to what we consider an interesting interview. This time, we switched up the questions a bit.

On this episode of SAS, we spoke with the SFY team, a phenomenal art collective that first came to our attention during the Kanaria art contest. Their Kanaria entries absolutely blew us away. Given the strength of their creative execution, we commissioned them to create custom art for the founder Kanarias. We were delighted to find that, following their commissioning, they stuck with Singular and minted their very own NFT collection--Donkey Gang.

We were curious as to their reasons for choosing to stay with Singular given that they were, what we would normally consider, a traditional creative company focused on the web2 world.

This interview documents SFY's reasons for staying with Singular, their initial hesitation with minting NFTs, as well as advice for artists who are still skeptical of making the leap into NFTs. We had a great time reading their responses and expect that you will too.

RMRK: How did you begin your Singular experience?


We are a young company and we are always looking for new experiences. Our exploratory approach is based on listening and comparison. One day a friend who had invested in Kanaria eggs, introduced us to Bruno for the realization of the Kanaria artwork and from there we understood what Singular and the RMRK project were.

What’s your biggest takeaway from your experience?

The team thought it was really cool to make a 500-piece collection that we called DonkeyGang. We did not expect the success obtained, for the first few days we were always among the daily records. Obviously we are delighted to receive appreciation and recognition through our art.

Were you once skeptical about NFTs?

Well actually we like challenges and the proposal to create something like an NFT collection did not scare us, but obviously as it happens with experiences there were doubts especially because initially we had to understand the technical side well.

How did you overcome your skepticism (fear/avoidance) of NFTs?

The first doubts were overcome thanks to the appreciation of the community for our work. We have a great deal of support right from the start and we still notice it today. This is really very important to us and gives us reason to keep learning and putting ourselves out there. Then clearly economic gratification cannot be excluded, this sector offers great opportunities.

What are some of the most popular criticisms of NFTs you’ve heard?

We answer this question with practical examples. As many will know SFY is a company and as such also clashes with "classic" jobs and requests. Many of the people, acquaintances and longtime customers, still fail to understand how a "simple picture" (their words) can be worth so much money. With someone we were able to explain what the technological revolution is at the base, also going to explain why we like the RMRK protocol so much and fantasizing about what difficulties it could facilitate in our work but also in their work. However, most of them still struggle today. In our opinion, the lack of understanding derives from the lack of digital knowledge. If a person really knew how the technologies of the web2 works, he would have no problem in understanding the NFTs and their future function in the web3.

What is the one thing you would like to tell artists that are skeptical of NFTs?

To understand technology from the ground up and not think exclusively from the speculative side. The RMRK protocol has given a great hand to find new ideas and the canvas of opportunities is still so white.

What do you think played the biggest role in your success?

We are very confident in the quality of our works, we have highly regarded 3D artists and the unity of our team is of prime importance. The Donkey Gang in our humble opinion have changed the way of creating collections on Singular, raising the bar. Let's be clear, if we hadn't done it, maybe in the future other artists would have thought of it, but it was nice to see the appreciation for the precise description of the rarities and % of presence of the individual items in well-defined tables, especially from a RMRK 2.0 perspective. We still remember that we were the first to ask Yuri to integrate the changes necessary to integrate the tables in the descriptions of the NFT on Singular. We noticed that this work (which was one of the things that engaged us the most in the creative process) was in some cases used in the same way by other artists and this makes us very happy.

Anything else you would like to say?

Very soon we will present some new projects we are working on with the same motivation and enthusiasm as in the early days. In the meantime, thanks to the work done on Singular and for Kanaria, other important teams in the crypto world have hired us to create collections, and a few days ago some of our artworks were even exhibited at ETHDenver so we are really excited!

Greetings from the SFY Team

We are always excited to share interviews like these because they help reinforce our commitment to creating a freedom launchpad for creative entities. However, we see that the biggest challenge we face is communicating the benefits of this new paradigm to creatives who are stuck in the old model. At RMRK, we seek to do our best to educate and onboard more great talents. However, we also need your help to spread the word.

Like they say, no mode of advertising or advocacy works better than word of mouth. If you have tasted the sweet fruits of creative freedom afforded by NFTs, then it seems only fair (and kind even) to extend this freedom to your creative-minded friends. Help free more artists for creative enslavement.

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