RMRK Artist Spotlight #3: Pirate Sheep Shares Her love For NFTs, Decentralization, and Kanaria Birds

On this week's RMRK Aritst Spotlight, we have Pirate Sheep aka Marta Strazicic, a multimedia artist and animator from Croatia who created Freshly Hatched that's currently listed for 20KSM on Singular.

In her words, her works are inspired by the ideas of genetic transitioning and its relationship with current technology. The creatures that roam and coexist in her work can often inspire uncanny yet fuzzy feelings. Her main tools of expression are VR, 3D animation and digital stills.

We spoke about her love for various NFT platforms, her creation process, and a lot more. Read on for the conversation.

Q: How did you get into crypto and NFTs?

Pirate Sheep:

My first steps into crypto and NFTs was when Makersplace reached out to me in early 2020. All of this sounded very abstract back then but here we are!

Q: How many NFT platforms have you tried and what has your experience been like?

Pirate Sheep:

I’m open to different platforms, so my work is currently on Makersplace, Superrare, Rarible, hic et nunc and now drum rolls RMRK. I don’t scatter my series though.

Q: What’s your favorite platform and why? It doesn’t have to be RMRK. We promise, won’t hold it against you.

Pirate Sheep:

Oh RMRK is getting high on the love ladder with me for sure, and I hope to make it my main platform in the upcoming months. For now my heart is still leaning towards Makersplace platform since it's where I started this adventure and nurtured the biggest reach. Hic En Nunc is also a big win and the community is cool.

Q: Is it only about NFTs (and the money) or are you also big on the decentralization movement?

Pirate Sheep:

I am definitely a supporter of the decentralization movement and so are my sisters Tea and Ana. I am glad to see it become more widespread. As for the money, that question pops out a lot and I won’t mystify it. Money can’t make you happy, but for sure it can make you less unhappy.

Q: What is your creation process like?

Pirate Sheep:

It really depends on the series, some take half a year of research before execution. Generally, after I get a firm idea of what my main goal is and what story I want to portray I kind of do the powerpuff girls mix where I just add certain formulas to a piece until it shows its true form. It is important to let the work guide me. That way I can balance between figurative and abstract creation. Abstract always wants to breathe more I think. Anyway the entire process is super fulfilling and is simply a part of me.

Q: What are your goals in the NFT space?

Pirate Sheep:

No major thought has been put into it but I would like to explore different mediums such as 3D printed sculptures and VR as NFTs, that could be so cool.

Q: How do you see the nft space shaping up?

Pirate Sheep:

I have a strong urge to quote Enya's ‘Only Time’ song now :)

No clue, so far everything is growing bombastically. Opinions are everywhere and the space is colorful, of course everyone is still learning. Fingers crossed that the NFT space helps artists in particular to reach complete independence from other life-draining social platforms.

Q: Do you own a Kanaria egg?

Pirate Sheep:

Yes. Fingers crossed my little #3435 becomes a proud pirate sheep birdie. Cheers to everyone involved in the emoji swaps.

We enjoyed our chat with Marta and we hope you enjoyed reading it too.

Which artist will you like us to interview in future? Drop a link to their collection on Singular in the comments.

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