RMRK Artist Spotlight #21: Kate and Her Chaos Giraffes

On this episode of RAS, we chatted with Kate, the creator of the Chaos Giraffes collection. Kate is one of Singular's success stories. The 22-year-old artist, who resides in Russia, made her first foray into NFTs and has made over 200 KSM from her collection. We found this inspiring because at RMRK (and Singular specifically) our goal is to help creators gain their artistic and economic freedom without having to rely on any institution to say yes to their dreams.

We spoke about her journey into NFTs, her creative process (which involves an unlikely collaborator), her plans for the future, and more.

RMRK: How did you start your art career?


I was 8 years old when I got into art school. I attended classes there for like 8-9 years. I made lots of canvas paintings there, and even sold some of them for a few dollars! Talking about my real art career, I believe it started on 26-12-2021 when I created the Chaos Giraffes collection on Singular <3

How did you get into NFTs?

In the beginning of November my friend told me about NFTs. I created the twitter account and started to get into it, in a couple of weeks I noticed a Singular link, that’s how it all started!

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

100% it’s Chaos Giraffes! It’s actually my first art project that can really be called a project, and somehow, it brought me about 200 KSM income and a great Long Necks community. It also brought me so many opportunities in a single month so I just love those Raffes hella much!!

NFTs have provided accessibility and exposure to various forms of digital creations. Do you have new artists that you follow and what do you find interesting about them?

Oh I follow many artists on Singular. Most of all I love Ruben, Marlua and Rachel from Kusama Kings. Ruben is special, I believe he is a genius and his art is so sick. Marlua’s style impresses me a lot. I hope we’ll do more projects together when I remind myself what canvas painting is. Rachel's style also delights me. Of course, they have had huge success because of the KBL’s terrific community building skills, but I think that Rachel’s art is underestimated here. She has a super fresh and clean style with a great vision of what she is doing and her other animal collection shows it perfectly!

What is your creative process like?

Well first of all I need a big (I mean really big) cup of hot tea. I am a huge lover of green tea. Then I need to smoke some weed (mostly bong but sometimes I mix it with joints). After that I take my cat, my ipad, get a comfy pose and start it :)

Where do you get inspiration from?

I’d be lying if I didn't put money first in talking about the inspiration for the work. I am from a kinda poor family from a kinda poor country, so the opportunity to earn money with art is a blessing for me. Talking about the art inspiration, I take it from beautiful people and beautiful bodies. For the past couple of years I was mostly drawing people who I know and like in appearance.

I also often have a desire to draw something Mythical/Beyonder, the image of Girl Satan pursues me! Dunno why cos I am actually a very positive person :)

Oh yes and of course I get huge inspiration from people’s reactions to my art. I mean, I’d never finish the collection in time if I didn’t get so much love and support <3

What are your goals in the NFT space?


It’s the main one for now. We are all (I mean Long Necks United) obsessed with the idea of Giraffe Land, a metaversal future of the project. It can be a play-to-earn game or something like that! Anyway we first need to transfer Raffes to RMRK 2.0. Talking about the NFT space in general, I just hope to satisfy my desire to create together with my desire to earn :)

How do you think the NFT space should shape up?

The main thing for us is to stay friendly and kind, support each other so the community will become bigger and stronger. If that continues to happen, then the sky is the limit on what we can buidl!

What would you most like an NFT platform to have?

I love Singular a lot, the only thing is the lack of auction tools. Those twitter auctions are so bad because twitter might be the worst place for it, I always lose bid comments there. So if we add it and royalties Singular must be top1. Oh wait, a phone app will be appreciated too haha.

What exciting new stuff can we look forward to from you, and where can people find you?

Well I’ve partially answered this question under question 7. I can just add that I'm very enthusiastic about returning to canvas painting and I also have a concept of the Girl Satan “7 sins” collection which I'd prefer not to share yet :)

You can always find me on Twitter @bolikate and in Telegram. Hope one day we’ll all switch to Telegram as IMO it is truly the best source for all the community needs!

We enjoyed chatting with Kate. Her vibrant energy can be seen in her art and her responses. We are curious about the RMRK 2.0 plans she has for the Giraffes and her upcoming Girl Satan collection.

Like her, we would love a Singular mobile app. I mean, How cool would it be to be able to trade NFTs on the go? Unfortunately, we need to prioritize (for the moment) the addition of other key features like auctions and royalties to the web version of Singular before we can go mobile. Thankfully, this is around the corner.

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