Proof of Perkability (PoP) - a new usecase for SOULBOND RMRK2 NFTs

A short introduction to PoP v2NFTs, RMRK2 based tool-NFTs developed by Tricky NFT Art for the AMERICAS 2.0 collection that are used to grant owners and buyers of NFTs insight if special perks of an NFT are still part of the NFT or if they are used already.

The Americas 2.0 collection consist of two elements, the MAPS that are the parent NFT, in which the EPISODES (multi-resource NFTs with documentary pictures of a pan-america trip) can be collected and equipped.



Once all episodes (which are created live on the 2-year photography trip) are collected in a MAP the owner is granted digital or phygital perks - depending on the kind of map and episodes collected. The collectors map grants digital perks while the supporters map grants these and on top physical perks. But how to make sure nobody games other collectors by abusing their good will - selling maps after their perk is used. To prevent that the NFT would need to be destroyed (sad) or some other solution would be needed (tricky).

Team Tricky came up with a solution using the RMRK2 feature of soulbond nested NFTs, that can be soulbond to another NFTs, the Proof of Perkability:

The PoP NFTs are nested into the MAP from the start, and equippable. They need to be burned in order to use the perk, that way the NFT containing the whole collection of EPISODES itself isn’t lost. But how to prevent people from selling these MAP NFTs after they burned the PoP to people less informed, who just don’t know that there should be a PoP NFT inside the MAP they want to buy?! We found a solution using the RMRK2 specs that creates the magic only possible with RMRK v2NFTs and their onchain equippability 🪄🌈 - this is what happens with the MAP if the PoP item gets burned to be used for it‘s perks:

- on the lower left corner a decent writting apears, stating that the perk is used already. that way the collection stays intact, the NFT stays beautifull but the buyers can see that there is no perk awaiting them anymore if they buy this MAP.


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