Possibilities for the Great Kanarias

With the Hou-ou festival in full swing, there’s never been a better time to talk about the great Kanaria birds.

As an eggomaniac, you may have wondered what would happen once your eggs hatched into birds. We explained all about that in our recent article. This post is focused on exploring the wild possibilities of the world’s most advanced NFTs. Although the Kanaria birds are equipped with NFT 2.0 functionality as composed by RMRK, utilizing them will depend a great deal on the partnerships we secure in the future. Thus far, we’ve done pretty well as we have been able to line up Unique Network, Karura, Khala, Bit.Country, Zeitgeist, Shiden, and a few more. This guarantees that, as a Kanaria bird hodler, if you become eligible for any of the benefits offered by these partnerships, your bird will have a trait that gives you benefits in the respective ecosystem. The specific benefit/trait depends on the nature of the partnership and the rules therein.

Now benefits in another ecosystem are great and all, but they are just one type of utility. As RMRKable Kanarians, we dare to be more than ‘good enough’. As a reflection, the Kanaria birds are equipped to do a great deal, the only limitations being our imagination, our partnerships, and your feedback. So, in truth, this post is as much about sharing our ideas as it is about soliciting your own incredible imagination.

We tell you the ways we expect the birds to work in hopes that you will find better ideas that we can implement, as challenged in the ideation contest at the bottom of our newest explainer post. But before we share what we anticipate the great birds will do, let’s first explore what the power of RMRK 2.0 means for the world of NFTs.

RMRK 2.0–the most advanced NFT framework

RMRK 2.0 grew from our desire to make NFTs become a lot more than digital art collectibles. We didn’t only want them to have traits (utility), we wanted them to be able to do stuff, and most daringly, we wanted them to evolve. In pursuit of this goal, we built (are building) the most advanced NFT framework the world has ever seen—and we don’t make that claim lightly. Below are 4 key features that make this possible.

Nested NFTs

Imagine an NFT owning another NFT. Well, no need to imagine. It’s coming! Using this concept, a parent-child dynamic is created between two or more NFTs, wherein one NFT is the parent of a child NFT or multiple child NFTs. We are pretty pumped about this feature because the use cases are endless, from gaming to metaverse to DAOs and beyond. The wildest idea we’ve been able to come up with for this is a metaverse of NFTs. In this metaverse, everything you see is an NFT. For example, your avatar NFT will own a land NFT, who will, in turn, own a house NFT, while the house will own the items in it. Technically, you own it all thanks to the chain of parenthood. We’ll release a post in the future to explore this concept in greater depth.

Reactive NFTs and conditional rendering

With this feature, NFTs no longer have to look the same all the time. Instead, they can change (evolve) based on certain conditions being met. For example, when it reaches a certain block number, the NFT can change its outfit. Like the nested NFT concept, reactive NFTs and conditional rendering are building blocks for a much more dynamic and integrated NFT experience unlike anything presently available to us.

Multi-resource NFTs

NFTs should be smart, knowing how to present themselves depending on where they are called up. For example, on OpenSea, I expect to see a high-definition 2d version of my NFT. But this doesn’t mean that my NFT can only be in 2D. What if there’s a 3D version and I’m viewing it in a 3D-enabled environment, do I need to create another NFT and link it? In the past, maybe yes. But with multi-resource NFTs, there’s no need for that. An NFT of a 3D model can have a resource that is a 3D model file, a resource that is a high-resolution image, and a resource that is a thumbnail image. Depending on the context it is being loaded into, a different resource will be loaded. With the RMRK plugin, a 3D tool like Sketchup or 3DS Max can load the 3D file directly, listing on Opensea can show the high res image in single-item view, and on the search results page, the thumbnail can automatically be shown.

NFTs as DAOs

With this feature, an NFT can be broken into a predetermined number of fungible tokens where these tokens can be used to issue DAO-like commands to the NFT. An example is an in-game character preparing for battle, let’s call him $BOB, fractionalized to 10000 $BOB tokens. A Twitch streamer controls the character, and they outsource the character’s loadout (inventory setup) to the viewers. In real-time, the viewers propose inventory loadouts and vote on them. Once the loadout has been voted on by the majority of the token holders, the character is equipped and proceeds into battle. The skirmish is viewed by all.


How do you determine the value of an NFT without price to guide you? In the past, you could not, but thanks to RMRK 2.0’s emote functionality, it’s possible to guage public sentiment around an NFT. Users send emojis to NFTs and these emotes, because they cost a small fee to execute, leading to a method of price discovery where none was available before.

With these four features, you can see that the Kanaria birds are spoilt for choice in what they can potentially do. The main question is getting them to be able to do things that matter to our community, the Kanarians that hold these precious birds. For those who don’t own one yet, you don’t have long anymore. All unclaimed eggs (which will hatch into the Kanaria birds) will be burnt within the next few weeks if not claimed, so claim them if you want to be a part of an NFT evolution. Now, with these out of the way, let’s turn our sights to what we think the Kanaria birds can do once RMRK 2.0 launches on Unique Network.

Note: These functions are examined in depth in Dawn of the Art Legos.

Possibilities of the Great Kanarias

Own other NFTs

From the get-go, some birds will have accessories in the form of child NFTs. But beyond this, they can own other NFTs. The question is which NFTs and why? How does this help with their use case? It’s possible that you could want all your NFTs to be linked to a single parent, such that you can control them using the parent NFT. But again, why would you want them to own other NFTs? Recall our metaverse of NFTs? Now imagine your Kanaria owning a plot of land on the metaverse, or even a club. Now that would be something. This way, your Kanaria’s value will be computed with its ownership of the land and club taken into consideration.

Change other NFTs

An NFT can’t change another NFT unless it owns that NFT. Thus, if your Kanaria owns a plot of land in the metaverse, it can send a billboard NFT to that land NFT and ask the land to equip the billboard. Again, this chain of interactions is only possible because the concept of ownership has been introduced into the NFT feature-set.

Evolve with conditional rendering

your bird isn’t doomed to remain one way for the entirety of its existence on-chain. With conditional rendering, your birds could be made to evolve. For example, your bird could grow horns after receiving 100

Become animated

with the use of multi-resource NFTs (and assuming parameters can be changed after an NFT is minted) you can upgrade your Kanaria’s visibility by attaching a 3D version to it, thus bringing it to life.

Conclusion - Contest

As you can see, we’ve only been able to come up with a few. This is why we need your input too because we believe that there are more use cases for Kanaria birds once they hatch. In our recent interview with Spunkbits creator, Mohd, when asked to imagine a use case for RMRK 2.0 powered NFTs, he replied:

I'd love to see Spunkbit costumes, accessories or even sneakers being traded on the market. Not only that, I imagine them being used in the Metaverse...that’s one reason I loved the recent Bit.Country announcement.

The amazing thing about his suggestion is that it is 100% possible thanks to RMRK 2.0. We would certainly love to see Spunkbits evolve over time.

How about you, what would you love to see in this brave new world of NFT 2.0 powered by RMRK? Please submit any examples you think of to this form and the best 5 examples will each win a Rare egg, or if Rare eggs sell out, each wins 10 Limited Edition eggs. The idea contest lasts until June 17th.

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The discussion place for RMRK.app based NFTs. Official announcements and community discussions.