How to understad RMRK2 NFTs? Why not just test them?!

The setup of RMRK2 allows for soulbond, nested and even equippable v2NFTs. And much more. The v2NFTs or v2NFT-Sets can be easy to understand or pretty complicated.

There are videos explaining as well as much read-ups, but Team Tricky decided the best way to learn RMRK2 is to experience it with some v2NFTs.

So with the launch of the RMRK2 version of early this year we developed a sample collection showing the power and some possibilities of RMRK2 and minted them as v2NFT-Sets - already containing nested soulbond v2NFTs as items to equipp. We minted them in high numbers and listed them for almost nothing to get YOU to experience RMRK2 and ofc also to show what our team is capable of. A minimal price was set to prevent abuse of the collection.

There are still lots of them on sale and the only thing you will need to catch them is a bit KSM-dust on a KSM wallet to cover the fees. What you get is a unique v2NFT with other soulbond v2NFTs as items (one of them animated making the collection the first collection with animated items). To set up a wallet use the talisman browser wallet or the official polkadot extension wallet Get some KSM or ask in our discord if someone is willed to gift you a promo set, e.g. someone who bought the OG version containing 5 sets for gifting :) - or you buy some yourself and gift them yourself to interested people :))

Get them here for 0.03 KSM (something like 1$ ish) and start playing

If you want one of the rare OG versions, try to snipe one here, a few are still on sale

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The discussion place for based NFTs. Official announcements and community discussions.


The discussion place for based NFTs. Official announcements and community discussions.