Save the Eggs, Save the Future

The time has finally come and the great Hou-ou is upon us! The Hou-ou festival is a 30-day hatch and burn event (ending on 29th June) wherein all 9,999 Kanaria will either hatch (if they have been saved/claimed) or burn (if they aren’t saved). With every second that passes, Kanaria eggs, the most advanced NFTs the world has ever seen, are being consumed by the flames of Hou-ou.

A number of Rares and Limited Editions have been burnt so far, reducing the total egg supply from 9,999 at an alarming rate. The burn rate will ramp up as the festival draws to a close. Every burn is a tragedy because these unique NFTs, if burnt, will never see the light of day again…as in, NEVER. This means that they will:

  • Never get the chance to hatch into a unique bird
  • Never be able to own or be owned by another NFT
  • Never get their chance to change their looks based on certain conditions being met
  • Never have the opportunity to grant their holder a % of RMRK protocol revenue (only a few eggs will have this special ability)
  • Never have the opportunity to grant their holder a fairdrop of $RMRK tokens

And a lot more. But it’s not all doom and gloom! With over 3,000 eggs still on the burn list, we need your help to save them before they are consumed by the fire of Hou-ou.

NOTE: Every egg saved from the fire of Hou-ou will get a special "last call" trait. No, we won't tell you what that means yet!

How to save the eggs

There are only two ways to save the eggs:

  1. By claiming eggs that are already in the furnace on Kanaria using your KSM (these are the eggs that have a raging fire in their background)
  2. By participating in Hou-ou festival competitions

The first method is pretty straightforward, you spend your KSM to save the egg from permanent eggification. Thanks to our recent slate of high-profile partnerships, claiming an egg has some additional benefits. Read about our partnerships to learn more:

The second method is where all the fun lies. The Hou-ou gods, realizing that some eggthusiasts may not have the funds to save eggs even though they desired to do so, decided to give eggthusiasts a chance to save the eggs without spending a dime. Thus, many challenges have been created to save as many eggs as possible. This is why we need you! You have a chance to save some eggs by participating in Hou-ou competitions. Each competition has its own rules.

Art contest

Ideal for: digital artists who love to stretch the limits of their creativity and people who love voting for cool artwork

Task: Draw a unique bird

Prize pool: $40,000+ in KSM, and x Limited Edition eggs

Rules: please read this post

Egg hunt

Ideal for: anyone who likes egg hunts and would love to try it out in the metaverse

Task: find hidden eggs in the metaverse

Prizes & Rules: please read this post


If you haven't claimed an egg yet this is the last call to join the Kanaria family and the NFT 2.0 revolution. Save the eggs from burning and save the future of NFT 2.0.

Read this post for more information on how to save the eggs.

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