Now it’s hard to imagine a world without the Internet. Technology has greatly changed our world. For better or for worse, we will not judge. We are not here for this.

Many want to subjugate these technologies. Various locks, total tracking and others. Only in recent times how much information has been made public.

But on the threshold are new technologies that we do not use or use for other purposes, this is decentralization and distribution. For this technology, the future, it is almost impossible to destroy.

But the problem now is different; it is a wrong perception or ignorance. BitTorrent sank into people's minds as a program for downloading pirated content, although it is much more than just downloading. Bitcoin and blockchain are also misunderstood at the moment. Everyone sees in him only money, but no one looked at what was behind him. Satoshi Nakomoto did not create a pyramid or a way of earning, he created the technology of the future. We have technologies that can completely change the world, but we do not use them.

We want to say with all of this that it is necessary to promote and popularize decentralization, as something completely new in the field of data transmission. Now there are a huge number of developments that are already changing the world, but no one knows about them. We want to do our best to promote this, to unite people to fight for a common future. If you, too, are not indifferent to this, then join.

Let's create and fight together!


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Cyber-crypto team | Decentralization and Distribution


Cyber-crypto team | Decentralization and Distribution