Grill Decoded, Get Rewarded

After creating a hub for Polkadot Decoded last week, we are gearing up for a short and sweet incentive campaign!

Here’s the prize pot:

How will the campaign work?

It’s simple, just ask good questions to speakers, or submit high quality notes/provide TL;DRs from any presentation at Decoded, in the chat room corresponding to their talk or panel. The campaign will run until noon UTC on Sunday, July 2nd. Entries submitted after that time will not be eligible.

There will be up to 100 winners, and each winner will receive 10 USDT, and a .polka username on the Subsocial parachain. If there are more than 30 entrants, the Spacer Marine NFTs will be randomly raffled. In order to be eligible, you must have an EVM account linked to your account (see this tutorial for instructions), in order for us to transfer the USDT and Spacers. We will use’s new Secret Box feature to distribute promo codes for the .polka Subsocial Usernames, allowing you to claim a .polka username for free.

The Subsocial team will review the submissions and determine the winners, so stay tuned to after the campaign to see if you won. Additionally, save your Grill secret key, to make sure you have access to your winning account, so you can claim your rewards.

We’re looking forward to lots of Grilling during Polkadot Decoded, so get chatting, and we’ll see you on-chain!

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Subsocial is an open platform that allows for the integration of user-friendly Web3 social features into existing... Show More