Token Disclaimer

Please note, that this is the beta version of our Platform, which is under constant development and maintenance. The main purpose of this beta version is to give our users the experience of the Platform’s functionality as well as an opportunity to identify defects and obtain feedback on its performance.

Since Token is an inherent feature of our technology, all transactions on the Platform require Subsocial Tokens to be successfully conducted or executed. The tokens are used to allocate resources of the Platform so that decentralized applications can self-execute in a secured fashion.

You can request the designated amount of Subsocial Tokens for free on our Token Faucet for the purpose of this beta version of the Platform as described above.

By proceeding to the Token Facet you acknowledge and irrevocably accept that:

  1. The current version of Subsocial tokens are utility tokens in the meaning of the applicable legislation, provided to you so that you could enjoy the user experience on the Platform such as personal space creation; posts and comments creation, following spaces of other users, etc;

  2. Current version of Subsocial tokens shall not be considered as payment tokens, cryptocurrency, or security tokens of any kind;

  3. The balance of the current version of Subsocial tokens, that you will obtain after token request on the Token Faucet, can be alternated without any prior notices as a result of any system adjustment, runtime upgrade, relaunch of the whole network, the token denomination for the purpose of blockchain optimization and security adjustment, a new version of token creation, etc.

  4. In the event of such balance alteration we shall bear no obligation to refund, return, reimburse, compensate or otherwise indemnify you any amount of the Subsocial tokens or any equivalent of Subsocial Tokens in any form.

Last updated on February 10, 2021