Subsocial Creator Staking: Curate The Network And Get Rewarded

TL;DR: SUB holders can stake their SUB towards registered creators to get more SUB, and creators (content, community, or app creators) will be rewarded depending on how many tokens are staked to them. Rewards will be the same whether you stake to Creator A or Creator B, so pick your favorite creators to stake towards!

The Subsocial blockchain has just received its latest upgrade, enabling the new Creator Staking system, which aims to increase ecosystem production and curation.

Holders of SUB tokens will be able to stake towards their favorite content, community, or application creators. Stakers will receive the same rewards regardless of who they stake to, effectively making this an incentivized vote, and improving curation.

Creators can register in the system so that holders can stake towards them, and their rewards will depend on the total amount of tokens staked towards them. In this manner, better creators should earn more rewards, incentivizing great work, and rewarding those helping to grow the network.

Beta Launch

Creator Staking will initially launch in beta, with a pre-selected set of ten creators, to see how it performs in a live environment. We anticipate this will last for 2 months or less, and then we will release an updated version that will allow for new creators. It is possible that this update may reset all existing stakes, requiring token holders to re-stake. In the future, it will become completely permissionless, or be run through on-chain governance, with creators able to apply to register as a creator. The initial set will be:

We are excited to welcome these ten teams and individuals as the first registered creators on Subsocial, and wish them all the best with collecting as much stake as possible! Creator Staking provides an excellent avenue for creators to monetize their work, allowing creators to focus on making great work, instead of focusing on maximizing ad views.

At launch, the DappForce team has staked 400,000 tokens to each creator, as a baseline. If a large portion of token holders stake within the next few days, we may unstake some or all of these initial stakes.

While Polkadot parachains don’t need staking, Subsocial can use staking as a mechanism to benefit the network, aligning incentives of participants and token holders, so that everyone works together to make the network grow as much as possible!

In the future, Creator Staking may be modified to an “Active Staking” model, requiring users to repeatedly engage with the network in order to benefit. With this model, those that simply “stake and forget” would either not benefit at all, or receive less benefit than those actively engaging with the network.

Check out the docs page for the full details on how Creator Staking works.

If you are a creator and want to register for Creator Staking, sign up here, or wait, as the registration system will likely become permissionless in the future, or take place through on-chain governance. In the meantime, stake towards your favorite creators to earn rewards, and we’ll see you on-chain!

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Subsocial is an open platform that allows for the integration of user-friendly Web3 social features into existing... Show More