GM Parachain Weekly Update #2

GM everyone - Some updates from the GM Parachain since we onboarded as a Kusama parachain on 15-Aug-22 (2 weeks ago ^^):

  • We have been very successful in implementing light clients 1a) We were the first team (alongside InvArch) to implement light clients on our parachain (these will be available in the first working version of our dapp soon :tm: ) 1b) We are working with our parachain partners to help them implement light client support - and we invite any other frenly parachain team to reach out to us 1c) Our Chief Technochad Officer Gabe successfully had a Pull Request merged into the polkadot JS repo RE: light clients

  • We have been working on Kusama Governance discussion called KICRA - Kusama Innovation Cost Reduction Act 2a) The goal of this act is to lower the deposit fees associated with typical extrinsics which must be executed by parachain teams: • registrar(reserve) - Reserve a Para Id on the relay chain. • registrar(register) - Register head data and validation code for a reserved Para Id. • crowdloan(create) - Create a new crowdloan campaign for a parachain slot with the given lease period range. • hrmp(hrmpInitOpenChannel) - Initiate opening a channel from a parachain to [the] given recipient channel. • hrmp(hrmpInitAcceptOpenChannel - Accept a pending open channel request from the given sender. 2b) We hope that lowering the deposit fees associated with the initial set up of a parachain, and the continued deposit fees required to open HRMP channels will increase the number of teams coming to our ecosystem 2c) For an example, based on the 1-year moving average prices of KSM and DOT, it has actually been ~21% more expensive to launch on Kusama versus on Polkadot.

  • We continue to develop our collator programme, and are working with some of the top independent validators in dotsama to develop our educational content.

  • We are fixing the last few minor issues before launch.

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