Forever Has Fallen to Release the World's First Interactive & Story-Driven NFT Collection

Utilizing our NFT developer tools and marketplace, players will have the opportunity to experience a unique and interactive twist for the season 1 finale of Forever Has Fallen—a first in the full integration of storytelling, entertainment, and NFTs.

Unique Network is committed to building blockchain experiences that aren't limited to a single sector of digital technology. Instead, we enable our partners to utilize the full capabilities of our infrastructure to blur the borders of art, music, gaming, and entertainment. Our latest collaboration with Forever Has Fallen, a new form of entertainment that combines storytelling with interactive gameplay, will use our technology to add a new element to their ongoing series in the form of an NFT drop and collection.

Forever Has Fallen garnered attention as a hyper realistic environment that blurred fantasy and reality to the point where global media companies thought elements of the story were true. Unlike most traditional media properties, Forever Has Fallen invites its players to have ownership over how they consume and experience the story. Now, thanks to Unique Network's technology, players will get something new back in return to celebrate and gear their engagement—an NFT. Utilizing our developer tools and marketplace infrastructure, Forever Has Fallen's community will be able to dive deeper into the story by purchasing a custom digital immortal from a collection of 10,000 NFTs and insert their character into the game's storyline. The Unique Network community has an early advantage in claiming 100 free NFTs out of the total 10,000. This campaign is now live on our Telegram community.

In the words of Forever Has Fallen creator Kimon Lycos, the NFT series "puts the power in the hands of NFT owners to create their value for the social media profile - a 'tabula rasa' so to speak." This unique price driver for Forever Has Fallen's collection breaks barriers in the NFT space because it isn't 100% centrally decided which NFTs will be more valuable, unlike many NFT collections on traditional marketplaces that predetermine "rarity" due to hype. True to Unique's vision for building NFTs that shatter the limitations of digital collectibles use cases (and traditional marketplaces), Forever Has Fallen's NFTs will have utility beyond a mere visual, allowing players to use them in the game to steer its plot.

Users can actively determine how prominent a digital immortal NFT is in the story and the game. In doing this, they directly influence the game's storyline and the price of their next-generation NFTs. This opportunity highlights how our Forever Has Fallen partnership has decentralization built into its core. Unlike even some of the most successful virtual games, players who engage with Forever Has Fallen will decide which out-of-game assets will be the most valuable due to how they choose to create and interact with their avatar on their terms. Completely customizable and interactive, this partnership will give an already progressive brand the advanced tools to utilize blockchain to add an extra element of ingenuity to their product and community. Check out the link below to get involved in the game and learn more about the forthcoming NFT drop. We'll see you in the game—and the Metaverse.

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