RMRK Artist Spotlight #14: Fr.om and His Music NFTs

On this episode of RAS, we switched things up a bit. Given that almost everyone associates NFTs with visual art, we were delighted to find an artist who pushed the boundaries of this mainstream definition. NFTs can be more than visual art, they can also be music, and this is what our spotlight artist for the week is showing with his work. Fr.om is a music artist who minted and sold out an EP of 5 songs as a collection on Singular.

His music can be described as Drumfunk, a style of Drum and Bass that blends other abstract and ambient music. Majority of the tracks are melancholy collages of noise, heavily processed samples, and atmospherics driven by broken break beats and heavy sub. In short, it's music to be experienced.

Read the interview below to see the NFT world from a music artist's point of view.

RMRK: Can you tell us a little bit about you how started your career in music? Fr.om:

It all started more than ten years ago. Initially, it was just a hobby like computer games or cycling. But during this time, I began to go deeper and deeper and fall in love with this process and as a result I bought a lot of synthesizers and there was no turning back (laugh)

RMRK: That’s pretty cool. I think we can all think of a hobby that became something more. How’d you get into NFTs? Fr.om:

As usual - friends suggested the existence of crypto currencies and at first it was trading on the exchange. Later I learned about the existence of nft as a digital product and its sale and purchase.

RMRK: NFTs — historically at least — have been commonly used for digital art. What inspired you to try music? Fr.om:

Seeing that NFT is based only on visual projections, I realized that it would be good to become a pioneer and pave the way for the audio format.

RMRK: It does seem like people are liking the innovation. Do you have a favorite project that you’ve worked on? Fr.om:

The last project I converted to nft was one of my favorites. I worked on it for a long time, implemented the conceived ideas and looked for a good use for it.

RMRK: What was the creative process like? Fr.om:

First I flipped through a lot of old records from the 70s-80s. I found the sounds I needed and recorded them into apparatuses (samplers). Next comes the magic of sound processing, the addition of foreign synthesizer sounds and drums. All this is accompanied by arrangements and sometimes live vocals. After a while, a composition is obtained, I show it to my friends and wife, and by the general verdict we decide whether to show it to the world.

RMRK: Which are your favorite records to get inspiration from? Fr.om:

All jazz, funk and avant-garde from the past, preferably on vinyl.

RMRK: What can we expect you next from you in the NFT space? Fr.om:

The next release will be more assertive and experimental. If the past was more classic, now it will be an innovation with the shades of the past.

RMRK: How do you feel the future of NFTs will look like? Fr.om:

I think that now we are at the very beginning of the path and the future will be very unpredictable. Probably the most unpredictable implementations should be expected.

RMRK: What would be the one thing you’d add to an NFT platform if you could? Fr.om:

Maybe it wouldn't hurt the way of marketing. The assistant who promoted your product. Artists know how to create a product, but they often don't know how to promote it.

RMRK: Have you thought of any interesting ways to use RMRK2.0 in your future collections? Fr.om:

It seems to me that RMRK 2.0 can try the idea with poetry and written thoughts. (Maybe hiphop rap or something.) Where the idea is to combine visual production with audio to get a new product. Another idea is to create sample packs of sounds and make a new original compositions from it. Combine vocal acapella and music without vocal (minus).

RMRK: What can we expect from you in the NFT space? Fr.om:

The next release will be more assertive and experimental. If the past was more classic, now it will be an innovation with the shades of the past.

We had an interesting conversation with Fr.om and are looking forward to more music NFTs from him. To catch up with Fr.om's upcoming releases, follow him on Soundcloud and Instagram.

We are pretty excited about music NFTs and RMRK 2.0. With the nesting functionality (NFTs ownig other NFTs), a music NFT (mp3) can own another NFT that is the publishing license (PDF). Using multi-resource functionality, a song NFT can have the following resources:

  1. A high-quality mp3 version for playback in streaming platforms like Audius.
  2. A music video in mp4 for playback in video-enabled enviroments
  3. An VR animated lyric video for playback in VR-enabled enviroments.
  4. A pdf of the lyrics that shows up in pdf-enabled enviroments.

With the forward compatibility functionality, new versions of songs (like remixes or alternate versions) can be sent to the original music NFT or added as a new resource. In short, the possibilities are endless and we look forward to seeing more music artists push the envelope further.

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