DotSama's First Dark Fantasy World - Singular Artist Spotlight #25

On this episode of SAS, we chatted with Evrloot, a team of 9 who are passionately building a Dark Fantasy game from the ground up. Their novel approach saw them release the book of lore, a collection where users could find clues to the story/world and get rewarded.

Their vision is to build on this and create a product/experience that is immersive enough to rival some of the top games. Immersive not in terms of graphics but in human participation during product building, particularly storytelling. For example, current holders of their first collection were able to vote on the name of the first character.

We spoke about their journey so far, advice for artists skeptical of NFTs, future plans, and more. Read the interview below.

RMRK: Tell us about how your team and how you began your Singular experience?


We are a core team of four that was inspired by Bruno’s Vision and Kanaria’s execution. We quickly grew to 9 permanent team members, each with their own history in Dotsama. Subsocial ambassador, community manager, artist, developer, etc. What keeps us so tight-knit is the shared vision of using RMRKs capabilities and combine it with a DnD like browser game. Later on extend the reach by being “cross-collection”

Have you worked on collections in the past before coming to singular?

No. We all saw too many punks and monkeys and the same things repeating. So we assembled a team to bring more dark-fantasy vibes to DotSama.

What is your most successful NFT collection?

Our Prologue collection, the book of lore. Fans could decifer messages through holes in the pages and get rewarded for it.

What are your collections inspired by?

Classic RPG Games like Diablo and Dark Souls. Some aspects of World of Warcraft (Covenant missions) and even Stardew Valley (Feel good vibe, collection of assets like a variety of fish)

Walk us through the execution of your next NFT collection release.

  • Mid of May will be the main release of our Characters (the so called “souls”)
  • People will buy a “Tarot Card” as seen in the image below

  • A tarot card will be revealed aprox. 7 days after the sale to be randomly one of 3 classes. The Berserker, Ranger or the Alchemist
  • The players character (“soul”) is minted during this reveal event via our reveal frontend
  • Characters consist of a class, varying visual attributes, varying metadata like “origin” or “combat specialization” + 8 Slots for items.
  • Five item slots (Head, Weapon Left/right, Armor and Boots) have the chance to contain an item
  • Items come in different rarity distribution.
  • People will be able to buy 3 different categories of Tarot cards

A) “The lost soul” → Chance for items to be on each slot 20% B) “The warrior soul” → 60% + Rare Background C) “The fabled soul” → 100% + Legendary Background and a physical copy of our ink art Prices rise from roughy 1.5 to 10KSM.

We do not have a classic whitelist, only a list of role players on a ship that will receive an extra airdrop on their purchase. After the reveal, the people can use our own frontend for game interaction--taverns, farm ressources (e.g. fishing system), craft resources, idle missions vs. monsters that have prerequisites → obtain ressources and gear, Etc.

What would you consider the most important reason for your success?

One? Four! :)

  • Ability to execute with a highly motivated team
  • The vision of building something that lasts and has never been done before
  • Filling the void of dark-fantasy Amazing Artwork & detailed lore
  • Organic Marketing, not being a money grab & strong community focus

Were you once skeptical about NFTs?

Very. RMRK changed that, as this is the foundation for so much more

How did you overcome your skepticism of NFTs?

The amount of community hype an equipable bird created.

What is your biggest criticism of the NFT space?

The market is oversaturated with low quality copycat money grabs that try to get your money in a hype phase and most projects end there. Initial sales only. Follow up:meh

What would you tell an artist to convince them to try Singular?

A) There is a void for quality content in DotSama → Money. B) There is ways to showcase the art process with multi resource. C) There is a tightknit community that values art.

We brought an amazing artist to Singular, who we hired for ink drawings. We explained to him how it works and we want to set him up to earn a living here. Thats his work. He is getting started, but using Multi-ressource already.

What’s your biggest takeaway from your experience?

If RMRK does not manage to attract more high quality projects, we will not be recognized fast enough and maybe outpaced from outside. Not being pessimistic, but we need to help all projects doing something different. Incubators, university collabs, etc. could be an idea

We want this to be successful as we love what you guys created. If I had more than 24hours a day I would spin up a point&click adventure and onboard more artists for the “record your art process” feature, which could be a BIG draw for art lovers to see how THEIR art is made. It separates it from being non tangible digital art.

Anything else you would like to say?

Thank you for this chance & the opportunity this space gives us. We all would love to work on this project full time in the future. Regards, the Evrloot Team

In an ecosystem rife with many talented artists who are trapped by the desire to copy what has already been done in the hopes of achieving quick success, it is refreshing to see the Evrloot team build something that is far more challenging. With RMRK legos to play with, it's fascinating to imagine what the team will create.

When artists push the boundaries, they always stand a higher chance of creating something that is both loved and long lasting. Teams like these make us strive harder to deliver on the full promise of RMRK so more untapped creative magic can be unleashed into the world.

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