Stake ZTG On Sub.ID!

Holders of Zeitgeist’s ZTG token can now stake to Zeitgeist collators using Sub.ID’s user friendly interface.

In our mission to support Sub.ID as the go-to portfolio management tool in the ecosystem, we are progressively adding staking support for more and more parachains throughout the ecosystem. Following Bifrost, Moonriver, Moonbeam, Kusama, and Polkadot, Zeitgeist staking has been added to Sub.ID’s Staking options.

Staking is easy! Simply go to the Zeitgeist staking page, find which collator you want to support, click the Stake button, and specify how many tokens you want to stake to that collator.

Staking ZTG is a great way to beat inflation if you are not actively using your tokens to participate in Zeitgeist’s prediction markets, and now, staking ZTG is easier than ever.

In conjunction with our proposals for continued development of Sub.ID, and the innovative features they are bringing, Sub.ID is establishing itself as one of the most useful tools in the ecosystem. By enabling complete token management, as well as providing insights into crowdloan and transaction history, NFTs, and more, Sub.ID empowers you to make informed portfolio management decisions.

About Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist PM is a blockchain startup that is building technology for open prediction markets and governance solutions. Prediction markets are exchange-based markets that trade on the outcomes of future events. Academic literature has consistently shown that prediction markets (PMs) are the best tool for gathering an accurate signal on future outcomes, beating out polling and other similar methods.

Supported by Zeitgeist Foundation, a Singaporean non-profit entity, the core product of Zeitgeist PM is the Zeitgeist Network. The Zeitgeist Network is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure built using Substrate that features the core functionality of creating, trading, and resolving prediction markets. Further to this, Zeitgeist PM is building an elaborate SDK for interacting with the network: A front-end application for interacting with the chain, and other necessary infrastructure.

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Subsocial is an open platform that allows for the integration of user-friendly Web3 social features into existing... Show More