Cross-Chain Transfers On Sub.ID

Following the recent release of XCM v3, Sub.ID has added support for cross-chain transfers!

Previously, Sub.ID supported same-chain transfers for a few assets. With this release, the list of supported assets has been expanded, and many cross-chain options have been added as well.

To perform transfers, go to your profile on Sub.ID, and click one of the Transfer buttons in the Balances section. The transfer modal will appear, allowing you to choose between a same-chain transfer and a cross-chain transfer.

For same-chain transfers, select the token and quantity to transfer, and the recipient.

For cross-chain transfers, in addition to the token type, quantity, and recipient, you will also need to select the destination chain.

Please note that not all chains support cross-chain transfers yet.

If the transfer will cause your account to be reaped, a notification about the chain’s existential deposit setting will appear. Please keep this in mind when performing transfers.

Sub.ID aims to be the easiest way to track and move your tokens, and support for token transfers will continue to increase with time. The next feature in the pipeline is validator staking, allowing users to stake their DOT and KSM on Sub.ID.

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